4W 2 Ports Aquarium Air Pump

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4W 2 ports aquarium air pump has been carefully designed to quietly generate large amounts of air with low power consumption. Make your aquarium high in oxygen and help keep fish healthy. With quiet, compact size and lightweight features, it is suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.

4W 2 ports aquarium air pumpis designed to add moisture movement and oxygen to the aquarium to increase the health of the water and provide a comfortable environment for the fish to improve the overall health of the aquarium.

Guanke Aquarium now brings you high quality and effective 4w 2 ports aquarium air pump made in China from a large selection of products with cheap price. Should you be interested in it, welcome to buy the products in stock with our suppliers and check the quotation with us.


* The new design, small size, elegant body, compact, reliable, durable, and portable.

* There is a smooth rotating dial to control the dual port output.

* Designed with dual outlets, the two ports can be connected together.

* Really ultra-quiet with high-tech special internal muffler design

* A built-in adjustable knob adjusts the air output for your application.

* Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.





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4 W

7.5*14 CM


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