Energy Saving Garden Lights

Product Details

360 ° no corner lighting garden lights
  Product basic information
product name360 ° no corner lighting garden lights
Product modelLBL-45      LBL-50        LBL-85    LBL-100    LBL-120     LBL-140     LBL-165
 Product power9.5         11.5         19       21.5      23.5        27.5         30
Product Size29*450         29*500     29*850   29*1000      29*1200   29*1400       29*1650
The number of beads48                  54                     90       108         129                150            177
Product power supply

DC12V1A  DC12V1A  DC12V2A    DC12V2A      DC12V3A     DC12V3A     DC12V3A

  Product Features

1:High-quality lamp beads, 360 ° no dead angle lighting

2:Intelligent remote control settings, a variety of color conversion

3:Completely waterproof: IP67

4:Safety and environmental protection, long service life.

5:Remote control distance: empty area for the 30M-50M, the case of obstacles for the 10M or so.

Operating instructions

1, open the package, remove the light, according to the list of the product check there is no missing; and then check the lamp is damaged, if not, and then follow the next step.

2, the power and lighting connected, pay attention to: connector alignment

3, the AC power line and the power supply line connected to reserve in advance Note: Be sure to do the waterproofing measures

4, to ensure that all parts connected after the power and be controlled by the remote controller with

5, put the lamp in the desired position, and in the rubber sleeve at both ends with a cable tie fixed