5-12mm Lucid acrylic Aquarium

5-12mm Lucid acrylic Aquarium
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As a high-grade aquarium product, 5-12mm Lucid acrylic aquarium has been loved and trusted by people for its more beautiful and safe performance.

5-12mm Lucid acrylic aquarium is designed by professional science! The height of the fish tank, the depth of the water, the intensity of the light affect the growth of the water grass; whether the water flow speed of the circulation system, the direction of the water flow, the flow rate, etc. are efficient; whether the design and structure of the cylinder body make the circulating water not flow to a dead angle, and the water quality is not deteriorated. 

Guanke Aquarium now brings you high quality and effective 5-12mm lucid acrylic aquarium made in China from a large selection of products with cheap price. Should you're interested in it, welcome to buy the products in stock with our suppliers and check the quotation with us.


* Good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

* Excellent insulation performance.

* Good light transmission, up to 92%, the required light intensity is small, saving energy.

* It has strong impact resistance and is sixteen times that of ordinary glass.

* Long life and longer life than other materials aquariums.

* Light weight, half lighter than ordinary glass.

* Colorful, high brightness, is not comparable to other materials.

* It has strong plasticity, large shape change and easy processing and forming.

* Easy to maintain, easy to clean, rain can be naturally cleaned.


Product Name: 5-12mm Lucid acrylic Aquarium

Material: Ultra clear glass and ordinary float glass

Model No.: FT2020 FT-3030

Thickness: 5-12mm

Size: 20*20*20CM 30*30*30M