Wholesale Good Price Thick Acrylic Aquariums

Wholesale Good Price Thick Acrylic Aquariums
Product Details

Guanke Aquarium now brings you high quality and effective wholesale good price thick acrylic aquariums made in China from a large selection of products with cheap price. Should you're interested in it, welcome to buy the products in stock with our suppliers and check the quotation with us.

Basic Info

Model NO.: Acrylic Aquarium

Size of Aquariums: small

Material of Aquariums: Acrylic

Temperature Control Products Type: Custom

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Customized: Customized


Price: Competitive Price

Trademark: gako

Origin: China

Type: Aquariums

Lightings Type: Custom

Shape of Aquariums: Cylinder

Decorations & Ornaments Type: Animal

Condition: New

Color: Transparent

Thickness: From 2mm to 50mm

Quality: acrylice

Specification: customized

HS Code: 

Product Description

Specifications complete

Various shapes with thickness 2 mm to 50 mm

This is a Aquarium Tank

Aquarium Tank is widely used in undersea world, large aquariums, large fancy tanks and swimming pools.

Leyu Plexiglass Co., Ltd adopts imported lucite material, the sheet surface is smooth. Other advantages are as following:

1. Color is transparent (clear) and high brightness;

2. Strong plasticity can be easily shaped and processed;

3. High resistance of pressure and strong shock resistance(16 times as strong as ordinary glass);

4. Easy to maintain and clean, it can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth

Features of acrylic product  

a.High level of transparency, anti-UV, stable transparency even under the long time sunlight.




b.High resistance to impact, our products are absolutely safe and reliable. Phenomena such as sudden burst to hurt people will never appear even when they receive pressure or impact from the outside.




c.Extremely strong quake resistance. During the long distance transportation and moving process, there are few cases in which damage will happen.




d.Fine plasticity acrylic sheet can be processed into grotesque and fantastic shapes, which is impossible for common glass.




e.Fine properties of weather resisting. No atomizing water vapor will occur due to the changeable outside temperature. Plastic Aquarium Large Acrylic Fish Tank




f.Light self weight, easy delivery.

our services

1 provide safety design of acrylic aquairum

2provide onsite chemical bonding for extra acrylic plates , installtion, waterproofing and sealing 

3worldwide shipping

4provide repair, polishing and cleaning