LED Energy Saving Diving Bubble Lights

Product Details

                                            F5 LED diving bubble light
                                            Product basic information
product name F5 LED diving bubble light
Product model

SQ-6  SQ-12  SQ-18  SQ-24  SQ-30

SQ-36  SQ-42

Product power1.2W     1.5W     1.8W       2.2W      2.5W     2.8W  3.0W
Product Length16CM       31CM    47CM    62CM     77CM   92CM  107CM
Packing number50            50            50         40           30         30            30
                                            Product Features

1: high quality LED lamp beads, color effect better

2: External power supply Low voltage operation is more secure

3: energy saving, longer life

4: completely waterproof

5: 5: multi-standard multi-select any color

6: light sea water applied

                  Operation method

1: Remove the lamps and power from the packaging. Check the status of the lamp.

2: Connect the air pump outlet hole and lamp inlet hole through the trachea

3: Place the suction cup on a flat surface or below the sand.

4: Power supply for power supply and air pump


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