Efficient Cooling System Seawater Lamp

Product Details

High power seawater lamp

Product basic information

product nameHigh power seawater lamp
LED lamp beads quantity9pcs
Single LED power3W
Maximum power30W
Input voltage100-240VAC
Operating frequency50 / 60HZ
Specifications220 * 100 * 30mm
Applicable fish tank specifications30-50cm
Housing material E-Plastic
Shell colorBLACK
Operating temperature℃ to40 ℃
Storage temperature-10 ℃ to50 

             Product Features

1:This is a specially designed for the sea water tank design LED lamps

2Using Cree lamp beads

3Has a rich spectrum

4Stylish design

5Touch control mode

6Smart temperature control mute fan

7Adjustable bracket

8Easy installation

9Two dimming


1: open and close the lamp, touch the middle button to open and close the fixture. (Interval of 0.5 seconds)

2: individually adjust the light intensity, touch the plus key or minus key. Plus key to control the white light intensity: minus key control purple, dark blue, sky blue light intensity: lamps with 10 intensity adjustable.

3: At the same time adjust the light intensity, long press the plus key or minus key. Long press the plus key while increasing the brightness of the lamp, long press the minus key while reducing the lamp brightness.