Freshwater Seawater For Sterilization Lamps

Product Details

Efficient germicidal lamp

Product basic information

product name Efficient germicidal lamp
Product modelUV-6W      UV-10W     UV-15W
Product power6W                        10W                    15W
Product Length18.5CM        26.8CM      36.5CM
Packing number40                     40                40

             Product Features

1: UVC spectrum, sterilization lamp effect is stronger!

2: External power supply is more secure

3: life of more than 10,000 hours

4: completely waterproof

5: Freshwater seawater applicable


1. Transformers are not waterproof, please stay away from water and water vapor.

2. The operating voltage must be compatible with the voltage specified by the transformer.

3. When the pond or garden is used, it must be protected by the transformer.

4. Do not touch the transformer with wet hands.

5. Turn off the power before cleaning the lamp.

6. When this product does not work properly, it is serviced by a professional.

7. This product is not a toy, please stay away from children.