High Power Algae Lamp

Product Details
360 ° no dead angle lighting algae cylinder lamp
                                                              Basic Information
product name

360 ° no dead angle 

lighting algae cylinder lamp

Product model ZGL-410 /ZGL-270
 Product length 42.5cm/27cm
  Lamp beads model  5730
The number of beads 45/27
Product power   18W/10W
 Accessories list 

A lamp,A power configurator,


Ambient temperature  -5℃-45℃
Lamp beads color     Blue / red / white
Applicable fish tank   



                        Operating instructions

Operating instructions

1: open the package, remove the lamp. Check if the lamp is 

    damaged or cracked. If there is no damage, please follow 

    the steps below.

2: the light bar placed in the appropriate location of the fish 

    tank fixed

3: Connect the power supply to the lamp.

4: power can be

                         product features

 product features:

1: uniform display of three sides o f the lamp,

 lighting no dead ends.

2: High-quality SMD LED beads, color ratio is 

reasonable, more suitable to promote the growth

 of aquatic plants.

3: aluminum bracket, lamp beads cooling faster,

 longer life.

4: quartz tube material glass shell, to improve 

the penetration of light.

5: completely waterproof, suitable for freshwater 

and seawater.

Tips: This product is made of high quality

          materials, beautiful and simple, easy 

          to operate, suitable for fish tanks and 

          aquariums and so on! This product is 

          not a toy, please stay away from 



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