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Classification of fish tank air pump

Dec 28, 2016

(A) pure oxygen

This type of air pump is only responsible for oxygen, oxygen pumps do not contain other features. This type of air pump types are:

Classification by oxygen blowing: single-hole air pump, double oxygen pump, fouroxygen pumps, etc;

Power classification: a powerful air pump, low-power oxygen pumps oxygen pumps, as well as a variety of wattage, etc;

Classification by mode of oxygen: fish tank air pump, DC air pump, mute or silentadjustable oxygen pumps, oxygen machine, electromagnetic DC portable battery air pump aerator air compressor.

(B) the filter pump

Main function of the pump itself is responsible for filtering water, in the process offiltering water comes with an additional oxygen functions. This type of filter pump types are:

Classified by types: filter pumps, submersible pumps, whole fish tank circulation pump amphibious pump, pump, pneumatic wave surfing filters;

Power classification: power filtration pump, low-power filtration pump, as well as various wattage filter pump power, high power submersible pumps small submersible pump, and various wattage of submersible pumps, wave surfing various wattage pump, various wattage amphibious pump, various wattage of the whole Aquarium circulation pumps, etc;

According to the classification of the position: upper diving placed under the pump, submersible pump, reset the filter pump, built-in filter pump filter pump, wall corner filter, external filter bucket,