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How to correctly in the Aquarium using the UV germicidal lamp

Dec 28, 2016

1. Containing 185nm ozone ultraviolet lamps can be long for aquariums, Aquariumlamp for open VAT prior to disinfection. Due to its ozone, water circulation, kill emfungi on filter.

2. UV lamp only need daily or every few days to open half an hour or so to reacha certain role, no need to open up.

3. Since any scraps of paper, glass, plastic will reduce the light intensity, sealed ultraviolet lamps to humans, fish, grass is not harmful, but not direct sunlight. UV germicidal lamp used in the Aquarium, to be used in a closed tube.

4. 254nm UV light only to sterilization cycle radiation pipes by water, the epiphyticcommunity of beneficial bacteria in the filter has no effect. Recommended dive sterilization alone through the nitrification filters and sterilization process, in the firstplace the filter in the inlet pipe, physical filtration of water impurities, the second placed biological cotton, to cultured nitrifying bacteria, and finally flows through theUV germicidal lamp, basically not harmful to nitrifying bacteria. But within a week after adding nitrifying bacteria, avoid the use of ultraviolet light, because the nitrifying bacteria attached to the filter will take some time.