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Pump some incurable diseases

Dec 28, 2016

At the gas pump when there is a noise (the first is the quality of products is no problem), we first need to check the place the air pump location is not "real", that is,whether there is a source of resonance, try moving or pressing with the hand, such as looking for the source of the problem. But for the resonance problem, please check whether the pipe connection for your small space, with "Bared Bared" sound.If not, please check whether you head quality qualified because purchase gas pumps will send one or two heads on the market, the air quality is very bad, bubble isthinning effect is not large, causing pump load is too small to make any noise, airheads, air stone and so on do not touch the wall or the bottom of the tank.

Through the above checks if there's a noise that is inside the air pump problems, this requires strong hands, I would not have said, because I have never been repaired.

Volume decreases there are a lot of reasons, such as tracheal aging steam cocooning in the wall (like blood clots), or disks used for a long time President of algaeor other impurities plug, inlet of the pump itself into account cotton dirty, internal rubber Cup RIP.

Aging without direct replacement of trachea.

Header block can use the 84-soaking, sun exposure after the repeated soaking with water flushing, no peculiar smell can be used after.

Air intake into account cotton blocking easier, Haley 9602 series, for example, pullopen the small cover on the bottom, remove the cotton replaced a grandiose right on the line, I simply just not out after taking into account cotton out.

Internal rubber Cup crack, this is the need to change, or strong hands friend can use adhesive, such as repair, I didn't have this I get a new pump.