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LED lamp beads advantage

Apr 27, 2017

LED for the protection of the environment mainly in three aspects:

First, there is no danger of metal mercury.LED lamp which does not use high-risk mercury as fluorescent lamps, there will not be bulb manufacturing process or may be damaged after the leakage of mercury ions, phosphor and other public hazards.

Second, the manufacture of LED epoxy resin is an organic polymer compounds, after curing has a good physical and chemical properties, the wafer, metal bonding strength, hard and flexible, the majority of the solvent and the stability of salt, not easy to damage , Even after damage or aging can also be recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment.

Third, LED lamps and display the layout of the particles, the resulting light is generally scattered, little light pollution.

The advantages of ten, more cost savings

Compared to incandescent, fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, the purchase price is higher. However, due to the LED energy consumption is particularly low, long-term can save a lot of electricity, you can save the input of the switch, so the cost of comprehensive use more cost-effective.