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Aquarium Carbon Dioxide Added Time And Points For Attention

Dec 27, 2016

Carbon dioxide has an important position in the Aquarium, is one of the essentialnutrients in aquatic weed growth. Its concentration the effects of water quality andenvironmental factors in a lot of ways, so it is important when adding carbon dioxide.

First, add the time

Lighting for an hour or so after the start. Water night sleep, no photosynthesis, this time it will absorb oxygen give off carbon dioxide, photosynthesis in will continue to start until the next day after the lights, so the concentration of carbon dioxidein the water during the night in the open within an hour of the lamp will be enoughdemand for water, and no need to add CO2.

Second, the influence of illumination

When the lights the light is too strong, if not add carbon dioxide, water will begin to slowly render is alkaline, photosynthesis speed of State, it will have a blue-green algae. And cases of insufficient carbon dioxide, photosynthesis of water blocked, after the birth of blue-green algae to multiply rapidly, so you should pay attention to the balance between the amount of light and CO2, or you'll pollute the water.

And part of the water is from the bicarbonates, carbonates and absorb carbon dioxide, but there are some grasses especially red grass, there is no way and theseplants carbon, you need strong light sh, or in severe cases, death. Add carbon dioxide does not cause fish suffocation under observation tank "water" water bubbling.

Third, the impact of water temperature

Many cases of water in the water temperature is too high or too low will inhibit photosynthesis. So make sure the water temperature is normal and stable. Observe the water condition, consider adjusting the amount of carbon dioxide.