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Aquarium Germicidal Lamps Introduced

Dec 27, 2016

Germicidal lamps mentioned, I believe that many fish friends, not unfamiliar to, although it is not commonly used, but many play equipment standing by one of the fish. Thus of germicidal lamp in ornamental fish breeding status. In fact, many fish are friends follow other fish is to buy a germicidal lamp, little is known about its function and usage. Here for everyone to share, use of germicidal lamp in a fish heart.

Germicidal lamps, by definition mainly play the role of sterilization, disinfection, also known as the UV lamp, is a lower intensity of UV light. It uses low mercury vapour pressure (<10-2Pa) was issued by intensifying ultraviolet light, its spectral lines are mainly two: one is 253.7nm NM, another 185nm wavelengths, both of which are invisible ultraviolet light. 253.7nm wavelength of spectrum can up to is good of sterilization role, main of sterilization principle is according to cell on optical of absorption spectrum line law: cell on wavelength in 250-270nm Zhijian of UV absorption volume maximum, and was absorption of UV is can for for cell genetic material (DNA), let it produced light of role, purple outside photon of energy was DNA in the of alkali base on absorption, caused genetic material occurred variation, makes bacteria immediately death or cannot breeding offspring, reached sterilization of purpose.