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Aquarium Lights Good

Dec 27, 2016

Select light source under the fish tank bred fish species to decide.

General three-Lake CI carving class ornamental fish and saltwater fish are more suitable for blue light, creating a feeling of deep blue sea;

Red Dragon, Parrot for red light, increasing the degree of color;

Most tropical fish suitable for daylight white light source, light source close to nature, you can have tropical fish display natural color.

If the weeds, you must use metal halide lamp T5/T8 lamp or HO, select color temperature 5000~8000K to meet the needs of aquatic weed growth.

If it is a purely ornamental, it is recommended that white can, the most original is the most beautiful.

If were are all common tropical fish, using white light, if too drab, can do on a fish tank background paper articles, such as grass type of background paper, it can highlight the colorful tropical fish. Background paper is cheap, and can be replacedat any time.