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Aquarium Placement Considerations

Dec 26, 2016

Fish tanks should be placed in hard. Feng Shui "water into zero Church" argument,that is to transport the water loss position, can turn evil, but very risky investments.Put fish tank at home in the hot, can effectively resolve the external, so the tank should be placed in hard. Of course where fierce, this calls for Geomancers to revealfor you.

Fish tanks should not be placed under God. If the House cleared the God of wealth, is the so-called "money money", so the God of wealth should be placed in whenSouth Korean money. Fish tanks should have been placed in residential hard, if placed under the God of fish tanks, not only with the "money money" contradicts theprinciples and making Feng Shui "water God" of merit will be threatened with bankruptcy.

Fish tanks should not be placed behind a sofa. From a Feng Shui point of view, because the water change, if it is placed behind the sofa, a daily sitting there will beno reliable, affecting the stability of the home games, so should not be put fish tank behind the sofa, rain or shine.

Fish tank do not is rushing with a stove. Fish tank water, fire and kitchen stoves, because "water" and "fire" came, and if fish tank in the living room and the kitchen stove to form a straight line, which then made a fire rushed bogey, will do harm to your family's health, so fish tank display should be avoided and wealth in a straight line, so as to avoid both rushing.