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Aquarium Supplies Oem Manufacturer

Apr 27, 2017

  OEM production, also known as fixed-point production, commonly known as OEM (production)

the basic meaning for the brand producers do not directly produce products, but the use of 

their own key core technology is responsible for the design and development of new products, control sales channels, specific The processing tasks are ordered by contract to commission 

other manufacturers of similar products. After the product will be bought at low prices, and directly paste their own brand logo. This kind of commissioned by others to produce the form 

of cooperation referred to as OEM, to undertake the task of manufacturing manufacturers known 

as OEM manufacturers, the production of products known as OEM products. It can be seen that 

the production of fixed-point production is the "foundry production" in the processing trade. 

In the international trade, it is the export of goods as the carrier.

Shenzhen GUANKE Aquarium Products Co., Ltd. to accept OEM and processing