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Aquarium Water Hardness Adjustment

Dec 27, 2016

Tropical fish on the hardness of water is different strokes for different folks, but can tolerate greater hardness, hardness less temperature sensitive. The adaptable varieties do not adjust the hardness of water quality in General, but during the breeding season, the hardness of the water to be adjusted to the requirements of species of tropical fish breeding. On the hardness of the water, adjusting, first determine the hardness, hardness test to test for general use (in an injected x ml of waterin a graduated tube and drip into the titrant, until color changes within the tube, tobe calculated by the number of drops of titration hardness).

Lowering of water hardness:

(1) Boiling water and low hardness; water and pure water to which different, because boiling water can only exclude the carbonation to reduce temporary hardness, is not relieved of sulphate, chloride, while reducing the permanent hardness, so boiling water can reduce the hardness of 1/3~1/2, such as the hardness of the wateris 20 degrees, requires the hardness is 10 degrees, the boiling water.

(2) Activated carbon adsorption of metal ions in water and reduce water hardness,as well as disinfection and odor removal. In the water of the activated carbon in the filter, active carbon need to adjust the water over and through, could also reduce the hardness of the water.

(3) Adjust the hardness ratio method: that is added to the existing water soft waterreduces the hardness of the water.