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Aquarium When Should You Use Germicidal Lamps

Dec 27, 2016

We are in the process of raising ornamental fish in General, when using germicidallamp?, 

Fish the tank blast fungus

First,Fish tank blast fungus from clear to cloudy water in a short time. Fish tank water burst after bacteria germicidal lamps can be used to inhibit bacterial growth or kill the bacteria. In that case, you can change part of the water, 2 hour open germicidallamp, turn off the lights after the nitrifying bacteria can be improved. Normal timercan be used to set working hours, according to the aquarium water daily workinghours, General 2-4 hour is appropriate, recommended working hours or not in a fish tank for the night time activities nearby.

Bacteria cause tank explosion can have many causes, such as: too many fish feed and fish excrete large amount of organic matter produced in the heterotrophic bacterium to thrive, or massive cleaning disposable bacteria filter can cause tank explosion.

Second, the green water

Chlorella green mainly because of water caused by too much Chlorella can thrive in direct sunlight the Aquarium and its propagation speed is very fast. In fact, green water for ornamental fish are not harmful, but it will greatly affect the aesthetic and beautiful. So, lots of fish found in the fish tank Chlorella Green will try to destroy. Small series after trying various methods, found that works best is to use a germicidal lamp, germicidal lamps can not only inhibit the reproduction of Chlorella, and kills it, especially at night, chlorella, is particularly active in the daytime, but at night it appears at the various functions of the trough, this time using germicidal lights play a multiplier role. Every night, continuously for a few days, green will be significantly enhanced.