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Considerations When Using Germicidal Lamp

Dec 27, 2016

Although, UV light treatment tank burst water problem has been a big help, but it's not continuous use for a long time. Germicidal lamps will work against all bacteria, whether it is harmful or beneficial bacteria bacteria are killed, so when you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Rely mainly on UV sterilization lamp for sterilization, and UV radiation on human health damage, so when you use germicidal lamps should not be direct sunlight into the skin, especially the eyes.

2. Avoid the use in the master cylinder, directly on the fish body surface, affecting the normal growth of fish. When in use, try to use in the filter tank and further awayfrom the filter, and filter to block in the Middle, making its loss of nitrifying bacteria to a minimum.

3. Cannot be used in continuous long time every day to avoid fish tank water nitrification systems are not perfect. Once you stop using can easily lead to fish death.