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Fish Tanks And Feng Shui Home

Dec 27, 2016

Fish tanks should not be put under statues-anything under the statue would not beappropriate to put the fish tank, especially under the CAI Shen Fu, Lu and shou, otherwise, that is, "water God", there will be a poorer place!

Fish tanks should not kitchen-the fish tank on the kitchen stove, both in a straight line, this is bad, because will be detrimental to your family's health.

Home Feng Shui number is the number of fish to book in to match the number of fish. Want to make your home a good way to have good Feng Shui, is keeping goldfish in the tank. Best of nine fish, eight of which are red or Golden, the other one is black. If your goldfish died accidentally, just buy up is OK. In terms of Feng Shui,we believe that the fish are going to die, because turned bad luck for the family.

Don't keep goldfish in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Worse in the bedroomwill make you suffer a material loss, such as theft or even robbed. So we put the fish in the living room or the outside is better, put the fish tank in the North and the South-East is never wrong. Depending on the situation but also be taken home.

Put fish tank in order to play a role, must be aware that each housing space. House money for home fish tanks, generally in the diagonal position and out the door,not placing debris, corner, not strip the floor damage. Should not be placed in thecenter of the room. South-East of the main wealth and prosperity and success in the North, so appropriate to place the Aquarium Southeast or North, it would be placed at the entrance of induction prompt and favorable, former Fang Mingtang location, which also act as Office landscape, beautifully designed fishbowl full of green and vitality, helps relax nerves, improve, expand relationships. Selection of auspicious orientation shall be calculated according to the Feng Shui space and location.