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How Do I Eliminate Aquarium Protein Worms?

Nov 11, 2017

I am a junior fan of the aquarium. Since entering the aquarium industry I began to raise several blood parrot in a small square fish tank for my daughter. But due to various reasons, the fish died.

Then we moved into a new house to live. Like all Chinese, like feng shui, even though I do not quite understand it. I bought a 80 * 100cm bullet aquarium tank – raising three blood parrot, a lucky and a crown fish.

I think I'm still a diligent person. If the water a little muddy I will replace part of the water to maintain water cleanliness. I feed the fish 2 times a day, and will put two nitrobacteria capsules into the tank every 10 days.

Sometimes I found the blood parrot was a little black, and through the Internet I know reason is that the aquarium environment changes and they do not fit. So each time after the change of water I will use the heater, add 1-2 tablespoons of salt, in order to restore the original water quality as soon as possible while disinfecting.

One day, however, I suddenly saw the floating white filaments in the water and moved. After check the information and I know that this worm is called protein worms, is due to excess nutrients in the water and grow out. They will be attached to the body of the fish to eat fish, the fish body itching uncomfortable time will continue to layer the tank wall and aquatic plants. Severe will let the fish's immune system decline and even death.

protein worms.jpg

Fortunately, I just found out in my aquarium protein worm was found, a small number. I have taken a series of measures:

1.     Cleaning filters and aquariums, especially the side and bottom filter tank, where a lot of food residue left behind and excrement can’t be filtered out. And I bought a new filter cotton to replace the old one.

2.     Frequently changing water, basic once a day (for each about 1/4 of the water).

3.     After each change of water by adding 1-2 tablespoons of salt, disinfection, the heating rod temperature raised to 33 degree centigrade.

4.     Every night to open UV germicidal lamp for 3-4 hours.

UV sterilization lamp.jpg

5.     Reduce fish feeding.

After 3-4 consecutive days, there are almost no protein worms, but we can also see a few of the more powerful insects shaking in the aquarium as the water flows.

I figured out how to destroy these annoying bugs completely. In addition to the salt and germicidal lamp, I seem to forget I still have nitrifiers (I do not know nitrifying bacteria), so regardless of thirty-seven twenty-one, I put two in, first observed two days.

After 2-3 days, I found that the protein insects were gone. My aquarium has become clean again.

My above method is the easiest (though not professional), and effective at the beginning of the day, every aqua player can easily do. I hope my method is helpful to you.