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How To Use An Aquarium Light As A Grow Light

Apr 11, 2017

using fluorescent aquarium lights as grow lights. Most aquarium lights come in two varieties: fluorescent and incandescent. Incandescent lights should not be used for grow lights because they do not provide adequate lighting. The light spectrum involves four main colors including red, yellow, green and blue. Plants require significant amounts of red and blue light, while incandescent lights provide more green and yellow light. Fluorescent bulbs approved for aquarium use provide adequate amounts of red and blue light for most plants.

Set up a plant box that will hold the plant containers as they grow. Purchase indoor plant boxes from any garden supply store.

Hang the fluorescent lights directly above the plant box. Plants placed closer to the lights will grow more effectively than those further away from the lights. Follow the directions included in the lighting kit to properly hang lights from the ceiling.

Keep plants illuminated for 12 to 18 hours daily. This mimics the daily cycle of the sun and helps keep plants healthy.

Replace light bulbs every six months. Lights dim over time, and plants require fresh lights for healthy growth.

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