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LED Light Bead Color Temperature Introduction

Apr 18, 2017

Light color temperature is different, light color is also different:

Color temperature below 3300K, light color red to the feeling of warmth; a stable 

atmosphere, warm feeling;t017003db07e592ee9c.jpg

Color temperature in the 3000 - 6000K for the middle, people in this color without 

significant visual effects under the visual, refreshing feeling;

It is called neutral color temperature; color temperature more than 6000K, light 

color bluish, giving a cold feeling.

One. Color temperature and brightness of high color temperature light irradiation, 

such as the brightness is not high to give people a chi atmosphere; low color 

temperature light source

Irradiation, the brightness is too high will give people a hot feeling.

B. Light color contrast in the same space using two light color difference between 

the light source, the contrast will appear hierarchical effect, light

When the color contrast is large, the level of light color can be obtained at the 

same time as the brightness level is obtained.

Using a low color temperature light source, so that the red with a sense of bright;

Using the color temperature light source, so that the blue has a cool feeling;

Using a high color temperature light source, so that the object has a cold feeling.