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What Should We Do If Remote Control Doesn't Work Properly?

Sep 19, 2017

More an more customers like to buy RGB type aquarium led light for their fish tank. These kind of light comes with a remote control.Some of remove control is not 2.4G but only common type.

Some customers told us that their remote control doesn't work properly.

The remote control doesn't work, properly cause by the following reasons.

1.The plastic sheet isn't pulled out.

Solution: Pull the plastic sheet out.


2.The infrared receiver is blocked.

Solution: Remove the obstacles in front of the infrared receiver.


3. Remote distance is too far.

Solution:Use the remote control in 5 meters.


4.The battery in the remote control is loosen or wearing out.

Solution:replace a new battery.


5.The remote controller doesn't align the infrared receiver on the controller.

Solution:Align the infrared receiver on the controller and try again.


6.Some keys fail to work, maybe the remote controller once fell into the water or too close to fish tank or humid environment and the remote operation board is damaged.

Solution: Replace new remote control.