LED Pool Light Replace Old Halogen Lamp

LED Pool Light Replace Old Halogen Lamp
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The illuminated area of the LED pool light replace old halogen lamp will vary according to the size and environment of the fish tank, and the technical parameters will vary. And LED pool light has high light efficiency, 90% of the emitted light can be absorbed by aquatic plants.

Guanke Aquarium now brings you high quality and effective led pool light replace old halogen lamp made in China from a large selection of products with cheap price.


* More power options: 18W / 25W / 30W / 35W / 40W / 54W.

* Automatic replacement, built-in RF remote control, external RGB controller.

* No UV rays, life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours.

* Modular assembly design, no glue, no glass, easy to maintain.

* The revolutionary cooling air outlet design is adopted to greatly improve the heat dissipation performance of the product.

* Super bright LED, 85% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.

* The intelligent detection system can automatically monitor the working condition of the whole lamp and automatically report the obstacle function.

* Rich spectrum of full spectrum: Monochrome: warm white, white, red, blue, green, yellow RGB color, synchronous transformation.


LED pool light replace old halogen lamp is suitable for the growth of various aquarium organisms. The light emitted is more beautiful, more vivid, stronger penetrating power for excellent viewing effect.


* It is forbidden to put the lamp in the water, otherwise it will cause damage to the human body or the lamp caused by leakage.

* Ensure that the product is used under normal conditions when in use.

* Please turn off the power while thundering.

* Do not hit the product while the product is working.


Product Name: LED Pool Light Replace Old Halogen Lamp

Model NO.: PSL-3604

Emitting Color: RGB

Application: Swimming Pool, Pond

Lampshade Material: ABS

Base Type: N/a

Voltage: AC/DC12V

Size: 178*114mm

Trademark: GAKO

Origin: China

IP Rating: IP68

Lamp Body Material: ABS

Style: Modern Chinese Style

Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS

Warranty: One Year


Power: 12W /36W

Product Show:鱼缸射灯_04.jpg