2017 Hotselling Swimming Pool LED Light

2017 Hotselling Swimming Pool LED Light
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Product Description:

2017 hotselling swimming pool LED light lamp also features LED lighting. It uses a low-voltage power supply, which is safe and reliable, consumes less power and has a long service life. The high quality design makes it have good light transmission performance, corrosion resistance and easy heat dissipation.

2017 hotselling swimming pool LED light is widely used in swimming pool lights, waterscapes, fountains, outdoor landscape lights, etc., which is installed in the swimming pool, the most common underwater application, with the remote control, the colorful results can be realized.

Guanke Aquarium now brings you high quality and effective 2017 hotselling swimming pool led light made in China from a large selection of products with cheap price. Should you're interested in it, welcome to buy the products in stock with our suppliers and check the quotation with us.


* Aluminum brushed panel design with multi-color housing.

* New design, lighter weight, easy to transport, all-lamp modular design for easy maintenance.

* The new fan technology, the fan life is longer, the noise is reduced by more than 50%.

* Adopting advanced isolated power supply, the power supply adopts soft start protection technology to prevent high voltage from causing damage to the lamp body when the lamp is turned on.

* All the material rings of the products meet the requirements of environmental protection and do not contain harmful heavy metal substances such as mercury and lead.

* The ratio between different light can be specified by the customer. The recommended ratio is 1:1. The user can choose the appropriate wavelength and color temperature ratio to promote the growth of aquatic plants.


Product Name: 2017 Hotselling Swimming Pool LED Light

Model NO.: SL-3601

Material: ABS

Type: Underwater Light

Function: LED

Trademark: GAKO

HS Code: 

Item: Pool Light

Shape: Round

Specification: 10W/12V, 100W/12V, 300W/12V

Guarantee: 12months

Origin: Shenzhen, China

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