Full Spectrum Led Aquarium Light for Coral Reef Growth

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Product Description:

Full spectrum LED aquarium light for coral reef growth's unique design is ultra-thin, with an external smart remote control. The product can set the working time period and adjust the brightness of different lights. The aquarium light can make the tube emit super white light, make the water body transparent, clear, and the color of the water grass is realistic.

Full spectrum LED aquarium light for coral reef growth shows a high index. The medium and low color temperature makes the lamp emit soft, reddish and high brightness, which promotes the growth and development of deep water plants. Its bracket is retractable for different lengths of fish tanks.


* Externally isolated power supply for easy installation and maintenance;

* Professional structure and shape design, beautiful and light;

* Use isolated power supply, soft start protection to avoid instantaneous current impact and damage the lamp bead;

* No need to glue the glass, it is convenient and quick, and the product is light and thin to reduce transportation costs;

* Dimming can be realized by manual or remote control, and can be automatically turned on and automatically turned off during the set time period;

* Environmentally safe and energy-saving, 80% less energy than traditional lamps, free of mercury and other heavy metals;

* Through the high-angle high-efficiency optical lens light distribution design, the light utilization rate is higher and the light efficiency is better.


Full spectrum LED aquarium light is suitable for marine aquaculture, aquarium lighting, aquarium lighting; suitable for most marine life.


Blu-ray: It can help to synthesize vitamin D3, promote the absorption of coral calcium, and make the coral grow brightly.




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4 dark blue/1 light blue/4 white/1 red/1 purple/1 green