Submersible Water Pump With 6ft Power Cord For Fountain Aquarium Pond Fish Tank

• Water Pump is a multi-functional pump in terms of aquarium cleaning water change, water circulation, transferring water and powering fountain waterfall • An adjustable knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. • 3 suction cups and 4.92ft power cord, long enough cord for easy installation. • Made of high-grade material, which is non-toxic, safe. This submersible water pump is a multi-functional, multi-purpose water pump with low power consumption, low noise, balanced speed, reliable operation, long service life, easy to maintain. • Equipped with 3 water outlets, can be matched with suitable water pipes according to specific needs.

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Submersible Water Pump with 6ft Power Cord for Fountain Aquarium Pond Fish Tank


900L13mm;16mm4.88"*4.37"*2.76"Kraft box
DWP-120020W1.8m1200L13mm;16mm4.88"*4.37"*2.76"Kraft box
DWP-200030W2.5m2000L19mm;22mm;25mm6.57"*5.51"*3.66"Kraft box
DWP-300040W3.m3000L19mm;22mm;25mm6.57"*5.51"*3.66"Kraft box

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